Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th, a very good day!

Today we post the first two classes of 2012! Master metal clay artist and teacher, Gordon Uyehara's "Ever Expanding Heart Pendant" is an intermediate level class. This beautiful piece exhibits the precision and high design we have come to associate with this fine artist. Gordon's work is perfect and by following Gordon in this step by step broadcast, yours can be, too!

Note: this class also features instruction on the use of and fusing of Argentium jumprings.

Class Price: 20.00
Class Link:

Polymer artist, Cathy Harm's work is all about color and pattern (and fun!) applied to the millefiori technique. In this intermediate level class, dedicated to Bees and Ladybugs, you will learn representational complex caning techniques. Let the buzzing begin!

Class Price: 20.00
Class Link:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It's only the 10th and I'm up to my eyeballs already, but, that's okay. It's a roller coaster with highs and lows but it is exciting and rewarding (although my hair is already turning grey faster, it seems, than would otherwise be. No worries, I want silver hair).

Daily, my computer hums and only occasionally gives off a little cough or sputter. Computers, what would we do without them? Information travels at the speed of light, we have access to friends across the globe - pen palling is now just a click away.

So, is our ability to share and teach and, consequently, to grow. My students learn from me but I've learned so much more from them. Students like Yetta and her brilliant hollow forms made using cutters! Now, she blew my mind. But it's even more than that. No people have been kinder to me than my students and it is humbling and gratifying to know them.

This year will be a red letter year, I feel it in my old bones. My goal remains the same - to help talented teachers share those talents with all of you. To promote creativity and what the act of creating "does" for us inside. We all need that.

So, I hope 2012 is a red letter year for you, too. Filled with joy, friendship, love, growth, challenge and fun. To quote Captain Picard, "Make it so". And, you know, we can.