Friday, February 24, 2012

Judy Belcher

One of the most memorable things about Judy Belcher is her sense of humor. I think she must have been a mischief maker of the supreme order. Judy is also a people person and good friend so I suspect she didn't get into that mischief alone. Notable, is her remarkable ability to organize. She's the one to thank for the polymer clay conference known as "Synergy" as, without her, it probably would not exist.

By trade, Judy is an accountant. Numbers make sense to her (wish they made sense to me, but they don't). Polymer clay seems to attract orderly people, there is a link between logical thought and, particularly, millefiori canework. It's applied mathematics. I've pictured her class "Polymer Clay Inverted Lentil Pin" as an example of Judy's work.

Judy's work is a perfect example of what happens when a mind such as hers meets a medium. Precise and perfect. Corners and clean shapes. That's Judy and that's her work.

So, today, here is the Gallery of Judy Belcher. Enjoy.

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