Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bazinga! Chinese Brush Painting with Lucy Wang

I've always had an affinity for this subtle artform, a few well placed strokes tell an entire story. In the hands of a master like Lucy, stunning imagery flows. I first met Lucy in her studio in the Spanish Village in San Diego. Her studio was packed with her artwork - flowers of every type, koi, very elegant ladies with fans. And the colors! I was, and am, impressed by the breadth of her work and her seemingly effortless mastery of this medium. And, not only is Lucy a hard working artist, she's also an author, having penned numerous books on her medium.

So, today we are pleased to Bazinga two classes from Lucy Wang. The two classes we are posting are at the beginner level. The first explains the tools and materials required and we highly recommend this class as a pre-requisite. The second beginner class covers mixing the colors and understanding the all important brush strokes. Both are offered at a 25% discount ending Friday at noon, MT.

Introduction of Chinese Brush Painting Materials and Tools (recommended pre requisite class) - 11.00, will be 15.00

Chinese Brush Painting with Lucy Wang (Beginner Level) - 19.00, will be 25.00

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