Monday, July 11, 2011

Reach Out!

As a teacher, it's my goal to take my students and give them the tools to make a jump up in their work - that's the goal of my in person workshops. Working on CraftEdu, that goal remains. You see, the vacuum in instruction doesn't really occur in beginning instruction - that you can find all over the net, and we have beginning instruction ourselves - but in the type of instruction that challenges our students and delves into details that one really only gets in those in person workshops. I can't be everywhere, none of our instructors can be everywhere in person, but we can reach those students seeking upper level instruction via CraftEdu. We can replicate our in person workshops online but it's even better than that - our students get us at our best. They get the rested us. They get the organized us. They get exactly what we feel is important to convey through images and our voice. They get us on our best days standing before them in person. And, they get the best seat in the house.

After more than 1 year online, we're still the "new kids". There are still questions about the platform, the most common is how to access the pdf handout that accompanies each workshop. So, for the record, here's how! Login to your class then move the cursor to the bottom of the screen to reveal the navigation bar. Slide the cursor to the right to the white up arrow and a menu appears. The attachment is in that menu and all you have to do is click on it. A pop up window appears and you can print from there.

This email came as a response to a query about just that issue but Terry went on to make a comment about Maggie Meister's "Mosaic Chain Cuff Bracelet" that hits the heart of our goal. Terry totally gets it!

"Thank You Donna for the quick info. Just wanted to tell you that I started the bracelet last night. The instructions are impeccable and it is so nice to hear a Maggie's voice. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us who are not able to attend those far away classes. I am an advanced beader and find this to be perfect."

There is a very old tv commercial that sings "reach out, reach out and touch someone" and that's exactly what Maggie did when she touched Terry.

Donna Kato is one of the founders of CraftEdu, has her own brand of polymer clay (Kato Polyclay by Van Aken, Int.), is an author and teacher - on the road and online at

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