Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let Free Online Art and Craft Lessons Bring out Your Creative Genius

You may be familiar with the concept of online education, and perhaps you’ve even taken courses online at some point in your career; but have you ever considered taking online art and craft lessons?

No matter what your skill level, there are free online art lessons that will teach you any number of new skills and techniques. You don’t even have to be an accomplished artist or crafter to benefit from these “classes”. In fact, free online art lessons for kids are a very popular way for homeschoolers to teach their children the basics of color, painting and drawing.

Whether you are into jewelry making, calligraphy, fabric arts, photography or knitting, there is always someone out there who knows a new or different technique that you could learn. The Internet has made it possible for crafters to perfect their skills and share their knowledge with peers without ever leaving the house. Online art and craft lessons make it possible for everyone to get the skills they need, even people with very busy schedules.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to use oil paints? Why not take “Oil Painting – an introduction” at Maybe your child wants to learn how to do loomed beadwork. If so, then there is even an introductory video where children can learn to make beaded bracelets. Perhaps you are planning a wedding and want to add the special touch of calligraphy to your invitations and place cards. Why not take a watch a few video art lessons and pick up some new techniques that will help you become an expert?

The best way to find all of these unique online art and craft lessons is to look for a site that offers courses in every discipline. offers video art lessons from talented professional artists and crafters from around the world, and they offer visitors the opportunity to take a free class or preview hundreds of online art lessons that are available for sale.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looking for a Craft Website for Serious Crafters?

Have you recently discovered the world of professional arts and crafts? If so, you may be looking for ways to improve your skills so you can begin making crafts that can be sold at a local crafts show. One of the biggest challenges to doing this is that most people don’t have the time or resources to take the necessary classes at local at a local arts center. Introducing the concept of a craft website that will allow you to learn the techniques you need at your own pace… this type of learning is becoming a most convenient and affordable way to become an “expert crafter”.

If you search out craft websites on the Internet search engines, you may be somewhat disappointed by what you find. Mixed in with a selection of serious crafting website choices will be several amateur “how-to” sites that may teach you “how to draw a racecar” or “how to make things out of pipe cleaners”, but finding a “real” craft website doesn’t need to be a challenge. Simply go to and you will find a complete selection of crafting instruction videos. Everything is covered here, from the basics of drawing and color to the most advanced techniques in polymer clay jewelry making, with a little bit of everything else in between.

Still wondering whether you can really learn from a craft web site? Think of it this way; when you need to have the instructor repeat something or you just want to see a technique demonstrated one more time, you will no longer need to ask or worry about looking stupid in front of your peers.. All you need to do is move the video arrow back a bit and watch that part of the video again.

Craftedu is one of those crafts websites that allows you to preview a video before you buy it, so you won’t be stuck learning something you already know. Plus, most of their videos come with downloadable PDF instructions for future reference.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jump-Start your Crafts Business with an Art and Craft Tutorial

Learning a new skill is never easy, especially when it requires a lot of practice. When you are looking to start a crafts business and need to develop some new areas of expertise, there is nothing more valuable than an art and craft tutorial.

Art training may not seem like a natural “fit” for the online classroom, but the Internet can be one of the best places to get craft guidance. In a classroom setting, an instructor usually shows the class how to do a certain technique a few times, and then moves onto something else. However, when you are learning online, the same art and craft tutorial can be watched again and again. When you really need to master a new skill, this is the type of craft teaching that works best.

Whether you are looking to learn a new method of caning polymer clay, the best techniques for painting a realistic-looking landscape, or the basics of the color wheel, there are craft training videos available for you online. Craft training videos allow for a more comprehensive art and craft tutorial, with close ups and instructions that are easy to understand. Plus, most of these videos come with PDF instructions for additional craft guidance.

Another way to use an art and craft tutorial is in a teaching situation. If you run a craft teaching business in your home, you know it is often much easier to teach your students a new technique when they can watch a video about it first. This gives you the ability to provide a step-by-step art and craft tutorial before starting a new project. It also shows them what the end result can look like.

No matter how you use them, craft training videos can be an invaluable tool for your crafts business.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Learn the Techniques of the Masters with Online Art Lessons

People who appreciate fine art are much more in tune with the beauty of their surroundings. The color of a sunset, the texture a seashell, and the spice-colored palette of an autumn landscape can provide daily inspiration to anyone, but artistic souls are so visually stimulated, they want to recreate the beauty that surrounds them.
Have you ever wished you had taken art lessons as a young adult? Or perhaps you are a homeschooler looking for art lessons for your children. Now, it is possible to take art lessons online with some of the most talented artists of our time without ever leaving your home.

Taking lessons in art can make the difference between a mild interest in painting and a lifelong passion for the arts. Art lessons for elementary school students can uncover talents that lie just beneath the surface in a child, and discovering these skills early in life can instill confidence and develop career options that might have otherwise been missed.

Art lessons can now be taken with an online video training course, such as The Value of Dark and Light course offered by, or the Color Wheel Magic 101 and 202. Taking both of these courses is highly recommended for people who want to make powerful and harmonious color while employing dark and light values. Understanding how to use color creatively along with dark and light shading can make a world of difference in a piece of artwork.

Other online art lessons include bead art, polymer clay courses, digital art, colored pencil techniques, art theory, composition and photography. Whether you are looking for primary art lessons for students or secondary art lessons for budding professionals, the easiest way to master new techniques is through online art lessons.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jane's Flower Box and the Enchanted Weave Bracelet

Jane Jetson's Flower Box workshop is up! You can see that picture in the post below. Check out the Preview here:

This workshop has no Bazinga! Instead I'll be raffling off 2 pairs of my new earrings to students who enroll by November 1.

When I get home from the road, I'll pull the raffle winners.

Have a great Monday!

On Wednesday, we will Bazinga! a class. Margo C. Field's first CraftEdu class, the Enchanted Weave Bracelet so keep your eyes peeled for this great workshop by a great bead artist.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jane Jetson's Flower Box Workshop

This box has legs! Make this funky, outer space box in my "Jane Jetson's Flower Box" workshop. The workshop is 3 parts and is structured for intermediate and above clayers. The top flower and disc elements spin. Once you know the basic steps required to make this box, the world is your oyster and you give your boxes your own personal "spin".

I'm leaving town for 3 weeks to teach at the Spanish Clay Carnival and in Portugal so I've decided to follow Judy Belcher's lead. The class will be posted on Monday. On November 1st, all students who enroll by that date will be eligible to win a pair or earrings! I'll raffle two pairs of my newest ear fobs like the ones pictured.

Have a great October everyone! I'll try to keep in touch and maybe even post some pictures of the events.

Cheers, Donna Kato