Thursday, July 29, 2010

bazinga! ¡Una oportunidad muy especial!

Aprende a hacer las preciosas Cuentas con Ventana a un precio de introducción muy especial! Mañana colgaremos esta clase y, durante las 24 horas desde su publicación, podrás recibir esta clase con un 25% de descuento.

Hora de publicación: Viernes a las 20:00 hs (horario central europeo)

Hora de finalización: Sábado a las 20:00 hs (horario central europeo, día siguiente).

¡Noticias de CraftEdu!

Ahora tendrás 365 días para ver tus clases. Si ya has comprado una clase, le añadiremos estos 365 días, así que tendrás para verla 365 días más el tiempo que te quedara de la misma.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

kent's tute

Kent has added a free tutorial on the ins and outs of the table saw! You'll need to see this for his future classes.

He's also received quite an honor as he has been invited to participate in The Emma International Collaboration in Canada.

"The Emma International Collaboration is a biennial event bringing together 100 artists from around the world to share talents and make collaborative art. Woodworkers, blacksmiths, painters, multi media artists, carvers and others share expertise and resources to make some wonderful art work that is sold at public auction at the end of the event."

The Emma Collaboration

Congratulations, Kent!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Woot blast off!

Here are the links to the four classes up at 25% below their regular price for 24 hours a la woot.

Isabelle Chatelain - French Version Collier Craquele Antiqua
Cindy Chavez - Silk Freeform Beaded Spirit Guide
Iris Mishly - Making Fun Bugs
Donna Kato - French Version Bracelet Manga!

Check them out!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tuesday, a BIG woot day and change in services

Collier craquele Antiqua

Isabelle CHATELAIN vous guide pas à pas dans l'apprentissage d'un craquelé tout polymère.

Silk Free Form Beaded Spirit Guide

Use freeform beadwork, trims, laces, fibers and embellishments to create a wonderful and unique pendant! Join Cindy Chavez for this class. A Pdf class handout is included with pattern.

Making Fun Bugs with Iris Mishly!

Join me to a fun class of making colorful polymer clay bugs using stamps, powders, beads, textures, rhinestones and anything you have in mind! This is a great class to do with the kids or if you're into bugs!

Bracelet Manga!

Manga! Dans cette classe de niveau intermédiaire et avancé, les élèves feront leur propre accessoire de mode en argile polymère. Ils doivent être familier avec le ponçage et les techniques de finition qui ne sont pas enseignées dans cette classe.

Résumé téléchargeable du cours inclus dans la 1ère Partie de cette classe.

Tomorrow, these 4 classes will be offered at their woot introductory pricing. For 24 hours, from 12 noon mountain time, to 12 noon on Wednesday, these classes will be offered at a 25% reduction.

Change in Services

You will now have 365 days to view your classes! One whole year. For those of your who have already purchased classes, we will add 365 days to your access time so you have 365 days plus what you already have. Thank you so much for your support, we do appreciate it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

isabelle goes woot! too!

French artist, Isabelle Chatelain's first CraftEdu class is getting set to post and we will offer this class at an introductory 25% discount for, yup, you guessed it, 24 hours (beginning at 12 noon mountain time on Thursday and ending at 12 noon mountain time on Friday).

Get set to make her wonderful "Antiqua Rustique" necklace. Learn how Isa creates that fantastic crackly texture in her clay!

Monday, July 19, 2010

mad weave!

What is a "Mad Weave"? In this just posted class beginner level technique class, Karen Woods will tell you how to make you own and how to make many variations on the theme. It seems very complicated but with her guidance, you'll be Mad Weaving like crazy!

Mad Weave Made Easy with Karen Woods

Friday, July 16, 2010

craftedu goes woot! the manga

Today, we are offering my Manga Class at a 24 hour discount - CraftEdu goes Woot! This class features my newest bracelet - never been taught or written up anywhere, it will only be offered on CraftEdu.

Step by step, you'll make your own Manga Bracelet. I've also included color formulas so you can make yours very much like mine, if you wish. FYI, this class does not cover finishing, per se and is at an Intermediate and Advanced Level.

So, for the next 24 hours (noon to noon, mountain time), the Manga Bracelet will be priced at $34.00. After that, the registration fee will go up 25% to $45.00 so, if you want to Manga, now is the best time to sign up for class!

The Manga Bracelet - Instructor: Donna Kato
Running Time: approx. 46 minutes

Thursday, July 15, 2010

welcome mark satchwill

We're pleased to announce the addition of this incredible talent from the U.K. to our team. Mark Satchwill specializes in watercolor and, he says he dabbles in gouache. Welcome, Mark!

Tomorrow we woot so rest today! From noon tomorrow (Mountain time) to noon the following day (also Mountain Time), I'll be offering my Manga bracelet class at a discount. After noon that following day, the discount will be removed soooo, if you want to learn how to Manga, tune in tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

harlan's intro to oil painting

Jeanne Harlan-Marriott has posted an incredible new foundation class in her Introduction to Oil Painting. Basically, this "everything you wanted to know about oil painting" class will teach you about materials beginning with surfaces to paint on, how oil paint works ("fat over lean"), brushes to use, mediums, how she organizes herself and how to finish a canvas (plus much, much more). Even Vernon now thinks he might give oil painting a try! Me? I'm definitely in and looking forward to her soon to come classes on painting specific images (Trillium class to come soon!) This class is specially priced for the rest of the month of July so now is definitely the time to sign up and tell your aspiring painters to join in, as well.

Introduction to Oil Painting with Jeanne Harlan-Marriott

Monday, July 5, 2010

new classes

Jana Roberts Benzon is known for her canes and the beautiful ways she uses them. Here, in her first CraftEdu class, learn how to make one of her signature canes - the Finely Veined Leaf Millefiori Cane.

Anke Humpert will show you ways to create metallic effects as you create backgrounds for your atc cards. Once the backgrounds are created, she'll lead you through the design process and how various ephemera are best composed for these miniature works of art. Metallic ATCs.

Friday, July 2, 2010

a great little gift

Inger has just posted a wonderful and easy little class. I think these are also perfect gifty items (I like to take lotions and soaps for my hosts) and with this class I could even make them myself. You'll be felting around a bar of soap! Add a leaf and it becomes quite a stylish way to scrub up. It's also a great parent and child project.

Felting Around a Bar of Soap