Friday, December 24, 2010


Dear Friends;

It's Christmas Eve, already! Where, oh, where did 2010 go? Summer is long gone and, to quote Bob Dylan, "winter's closing in".

Every year, at this time, most of us pause and reflect on the year past. We make our resolutions and we even mean them! I have many resolutions that are grandfathered into the next year automatically. I will learn to ride this year! (Again). I'm an optimist so it could happen.

We consider our accomplishments. This is so important - it gives us the gas to move our little vehicles forward. This year, we launched CraftEdu. After 2 years of planning and laying the groundwork, it happened. Anyone who has started a project or public enterprise knows that when that day finally comes, it's equal parts excitement and fear.

Our instructors worked and posted classes - they overcame their fear in doing so. They hurled themselves into the new, the different and they succeeded. I am so proud of them and proud of what they have accomplished. They're so talented, how could it be any different.

The site changed - improved - making it easier for students to navigate and understand. There were glitches but thanks to our tech partner and your input, those glitches were taken care of. We will always do our best to make CraftEdu the best - that will never change. Blessed with the best tech partner anyone could have, we continue our forward progress.

But, there would be no reason to go forward if not for you. Our students and friends who came and participated and patiently understood our foibles. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

So going forward, we will be adding to the site, because it's not complete now. We'll be inviting new instructors and we will get those classes up. I think 2011 is shaping up to be very special.

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful holiday season, filled with joy, laughter, love and tons of hugs.


Donna, Vernon and the CraftEdu Family

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