Monday, December 27, 2010

Online Art Classes: Drawing & Painting

Do you want to learn the techniques that will make you a better crafter, no matter what type of work you do? Then you may want to consider taking online art classes in drawing and painting. Online classes make it easy to learn the basic techniques of color, composition, rendering, line and shading, without ever leaving your home. All of these techniques will help you improve the quality of your work and become a better artist overall.

One of the classes offered by is a two part series on watercolor painting by Mark Satchwill, a watercolorist for twenty years. It teaches artists the basics on learning to stretch watercolor paper, how to mix colors effectively, and the basic theories of color and watercolor technique. The end result is a beautiful still life painting of lemons.

Other online art classes in drawing and painting include a Beginning Shading course with Elizabeth Johnson, where students learn to draw a shaded rendering of a swan using a graphite pencil. Students who purchase this art instruction video will have the opportunity to watch it several times over the course of a year. The same instructor also teaches an Introduction to Colored Pencil class, where students complete a beautiful butterfly picture using specific colored pencil techniques.

Oil painting courses are offered for the beginner, who wants to learn the basics of this amazing medium. In this course, Harlan shares over 35 years of experience to show the various techniques used by professional oil painters. offers a wide range of craft courses for everyone from the hobbyist to the professional, as well as several other online art classes in drawing and painting.

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