Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Art Dolls: Techniques and Classes for Doll Making

Ever since the first wooden dolls were created in the 17th century on a manual lathe, craftspeople have been making exquisite collector art dolls, but today’s crafter has access to a many more techniques and classes for doll making. Instead of learning this craft by studying as an apprentice in a doll-making shop, it’s now possible to learn the latest skills by simply downloading an online craft video.

While some of the materials and techniques for doll making have changed over the years, most art dolls are still hand sewn from fine fabrics like silk, cotton and satin. Crafters still take the time to build armatures, and hand-sew piped trims for a doll’s clothing.

If you have always wanted to make art dolls, techniques and classes for doll making are available online at CraftEdu.com. Here, several well known doll makers offer video craft instruction using various media.

A few of my favorite online craft videos from the Art Dolls section of CraftEdu include:

Mixed Media Sculptured Dolls is a class taught by Ellie Hitchcock that is perfect for children and teachers. These art dolls are simple and inexpensive to make.

For a more experienced crafter, the Father Christmas Needle Felting Class teaches how to make an heirloom needle felted Father Christmas doll that is certain to be a family favorite.

Other felting classes are taught by Harlan, and include a Needle Felted Rabbit project and an Intermediate Needle Felting class that teaches the basics of this popular technique.

Online video classes are being added regularly at CraftEdu.com, and are the easiest way to become proficient at making art dolls. Check the website regularly for new techniques and classes in doll making.

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