Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jane Jetson's Flower Box Workshop

This box has legs! Make this funky, outer space box in my "Jane Jetson's Flower Box" workshop. The workshop is 3 parts and is structured for intermediate and above clayers. The top flower and disc elements spin. Once you know the basic steps required to make this box, the world is your oyster and you give your boxes your own personal "spin".

I'm leaving town for 3 weeks to teach at the Spanish Clay Carnival and in Portugal so I've decided to follow Judy Belcher's lead. The class will be posted on Monday. On November 1st, all students who enroll by that date will be eligible to win a pair or earrings! I'll raffle two pairs of my newest ear fobs like the ones pictured.

Have a great October everyone! I'll try to keep in touch and maybe even post some pictures of the events.

Cheers, Donna Kato

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