Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Maggie's Bazinga! Wednesday

This is Maggie Meister! In interpreting ancient motifs, in adapting them to beadwork techniques, she has created a unique and stunning body of work. This beautiful bracelet is a perfect example of her vision, her voice and her talent and you can now learn how to create, step by step, this ancient/contemporary beauty yourself. Mixing peyote and brick stitch (and a variation on brick) create the swirling braids to adorn.

This class is for intermediate and advanced beaders. Take what would be a weekend workshop with Maggie in your own home and on your own time schedule - Bazinga! it and take advantage of introductory pricing!

Maggie's Mosaic Braid bracelet class will be posted tomorrow (Wednesday). Bazinga! A 24 hour opportunity for you.

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