Monday, September 6, 2010

Improve Your Craft Skills with Craft Videos Online

It wasn’t long ago that a person interested in learning crafts would need to sign up for a class at the local art supply store, or look for workshops being held at a community college. These classes may have been a fun way to learn a new skill, but without knowing the instructor or what the project entailed it was difficult to determine if the class was the right one for you. Fortunately, with the growth of online videos, today there are more options for crafts enthusiasts than ever. Instead of trekking to the nearest workshop, one can simply watch craft videos online.

What kind of online craft workshops are available?

While there are many “how-to” web sites that will teach you everything from children’s “rainy day crafts” to “how to stencil your kitchen”, most avid crafters want a more artistic approach than this; one where participants can learn to make the type of crafts that sell in craft shows for top dollar.

Some of the most popular craft videos online focus on wearable art and jewelry, whether it is made from polymer clay, beads or textiles. Other popular online craft videos include calligraphy, digital art and paper arts. But as online video becomes more widely used, expect to see even more people sharing their favorite craft techniques with a global audience.

If these are the crafts that you are looking to make, and you are looking for ways to learn them online, then some of the best craft videos online will be found at sites like Because the site is aimed at an audience that wants to learn crafts from an artist’s perspective, the videos they offer are aimed at serious crafters. In addition to offering a wide range of online craft demonstrations – in multiple languages – this site allows visitors to preview any course for free before purchasing it.

It is easy to see why so many top crafters have chosen to share their skills with the audience at Craftedu.

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