Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Craft Web Site Invites the Best Craft Instructors into Your Home

Becoming an expert craft artist doesn’t happen overnight; it requires a long period of instruction and practice. Even then, learning the latest techniques can challenging because they are changing every day. But now that the Internet can bring the world to your laptop, it is not surprising that craft web sites have become a resource for techniques from today’s “masters”. Now, instead of just buying craft supplies online, it is possible to learn a new craft on the web too!

CraftEdu is a unique online craft university that helps a person nurture his or her passion for creativity, design, materials and technique. By introducing their visitors to the creative world of artists and craftspeople, the site collects and distributes independent craft instruction videos. By purchasing these videos online, visitors are able to learn a new skill at their own pace, and also save and print out PDF instructions for later use.

What is really nice about craft web education is the ability to get instruction from expert crafters around the world. In fact, many of the videos are available in multiple languages. While it may seem a little awkward at first to be learning a craft while on the computer, it makes perfect sense to do this online. Here, the technique can work with the imagination of the viewer, resulting in unlimited possibilities.

If you have ever wanted to learn a new technique, share your crafting techniques with others, or just get ideas for future projects, then why not stop by and check out the craft web instruction available at CraftEdu.com?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Crafts Internet Resources Can Help You Become an Expert Crafter

Becoming one of the best at your craft is a noble goal for a skilled craftsperson, but it can often take years of practice to really master certain techniques. Thankfully, there are a number of new resources available online, on the “Crafts Internet”, including the latest video instructions from expert crafters around the world.

Before you start searching for a crafts internet – it is really just a fancy way of saying that the instructions you need are available online. Never before has it been so easy to learn the skills you need to do beading. Most of the beading projects that are shown at craft shows involve very intricate techniques that cannot always be learned at a local craft store.

By watching people show you how to do crafts on the internet, it is possible to learn the proper way to make almost anything, from beading crafts to faux finishing and calligraphy. Each video is created and submitted by someone who has mastered a certain technique, and the videos are sold on web sites devoted to teaching crafts. Most of these sites offer a way to preview the video before buying it, so you can be sure it is teaching the technique you want to learn. Videos are also available in multiple languages, and most come with printable PDF instructions.
As the number of people interested in DIY crafts increases, people are finding it easier than ever to learn the latest techniques for these crafts on the internet. If you know a certain technique and would like to share it with a global audience, why not make your own video and start selling your expertise online?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Everything You always Wanted to Know about Lentils!

Love hollow lentils? This Wednesday we will be posting three workshops dedicated to these popular forms by Judy Belcher. Together, you'll know all about how to make them, how to suspend beads and pearls in them, how to make gold and silver glow under their tops and how half a lentil can turn into a fabulous pin.

Instead of the Bazinga! Judy has three pieces of her artwork that she will raffle to those who enroll in any of her classes in the first week so you will have one week to enroll and be eligible for her drawing. Wow, it's a win-win - you will take a class from one of the very best polymer artist/teachers around and 2 lucky students will also win a piece of Judy Belcher artwork. Pictures of these pieces will be posted asap.

Judy's 3 classes will be posted on Wednesday.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bazinga! Friday

As one who travels quite a bit, I find these Travel Altars by Anke Humpert, especially appealing. Mine would have pictures of Vernon and the animals! Anke covers a wide range of techniques to create these mixed media, altered art pieces - shrink plastic, decorative napkins, even natural materials like moss and shells. Join her for an exploration of materials and techniques and, what better way to make use of a matchbook or cigar box?

The Bazinga! goes up at noon (MT) on Friday and ends at noon (MT) on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Create Your Own Online Craft Show With Online How To Craft Instructions

Whether you are a crafter by trade or just learning a few crafts to pass the time, the Internet has made it so much easier to become an expert. In addition to learning a new skill with an online how-to-craft video, it is possible to view an online craft show or create your own online craft instruction.

What types of online craft instruction is available?

Unlike some of the workshops offered at your local art supply store, online how to craft videos are often done by professionals who sell their work for top dollar. In fact, if you see a technique at an online craft show, chances are there is a video available that will teach you how to do it yourself.

Some of the most popular online how to craft web sites offer dozens of unique online craft videos for purchase, so you can watch the video again and again at your leisure. However, just to be sure you are getting the instruction you need, make sure you can see a free video preview before you buy it. It also helps when a site offers free downloadable instructions with the purchase of a video.

Here are some recent online how-to-craft videos seen on CraftEdu.com

1) Learn to Mad Weave – a beginner level weaving technique class
2) Peyote Buttons – learn to make a tubular peyote button, which can be turned into a beautiful piece of jewelry
3) Beader’s Color Palette: Watch an expert bead artist create the necklace made popular in “The Beader’s Color Palette”
4) Creating a Child’s Bust: Learn how to sculpt the head and bust of a child as a standalone sculpture
5) Stained Glass Cane Techniques: Create beautiful stained glass cane patterns in polymer clay, which can be made into unique jewelry and crafts

Each of these skills requires the instruction of a professional, and is difficult to learn from a book. Most craftspeople find that video learning is a much faster way to master complicated techniques. Why not learn something new with an online how-to-craft video today?

Maggie's Bazinga! Wednesday

This is Maggie Meister! In interpreting ancient motifs, in adapting them to beadwork techniques, she has created a unique and stunning body of work. This beautiful bracelet is a perfect example of her vision, her voice and her talent and you can now learn how to create, step by step, this ancient/contemporary beauty yourself. Mixing peyote and brick stitch (and a variation on brick) create the swirling braids to adorn.

This class is for intermediate and advanced beaders. Take what would be a weekend workshop with Maggie in your own home and on your own time schedule - Bazinga! it and take advantage of introductory pricing!

Maggie's Mosaic Braid bracelet class will be posted tomorrow (Wednesday). Bazinga! A 24 hour opportunity for you.

Monday, September 13, 2010


It's Monday, another week begins and it's packed! New instructors getting to know the ropes, getting their ducks in a row and it's exciting to see. We add new talented artists all the time - we're searching for them and they are finding us.

When I think of where we were 18 months ago, I can't quite believe where we are today. The platform continues to be improved to make it easier for both students and instructors to navigate and use. Our tech partner is amazing - forward thinking and we are so grateful for all the hours and all the weekends spent working on our behalf.

New people discover us daily - we've not done any marketing and promotion, other that our facebook page, this blog and the work of individual faculty members but we are growing - it's a steady uphill curve. We've got members from over 80 countries! I often wonder, how we were found. I'm grateful we have been.

When building an entity, any entity, it's a good idea to reach back occasionally and touch on original purpose. Double check, are we on the right track? If not, make a course correction, don't wander off into the tulies!

We all know there is a lot of beginner instruction out there on the net, in magazines and in books. CraftEdu also provides basic free tutorials for beginners. I've written 3 books, publishers like lots of projects and techniques - pack that book full. That's good and bad. Yes, there is a lot of variety, but sometimes that means that a sacrifice has been made in depth of instruction. Authors have to compromise with their publishers, it's understandable, it's about space - numbers of pages, numbers of images. These valuable resources can begin a student, provide the basis for further growth but where do you go to jump to the next level? This vacuum has been filled by in person workshops.

I travel and teach. I take as a maximum enrollment, 24 students. Most of the time I have 24 students. If I taught every weekend of the year (which would kill me) I could only reach a finite number of students. Some of my students fly to get to the workshop, check into hotels. I receive inquiries all the time - when are you coming to Russia? Someday, I certainly hope to but the chance that I'll get there very soon is remote.

So, our goal is to provide what someone like I would in person, online. To help our students jump to the next level, from their own homes. And, with this platform and the capability for our students to reach us with a click of the mouse, we've done that.

This week we offer another great workshop from a great artist/instructor, Maggie Meister. This particular class is another example of our original purpose - to provide that in class, jump to the next level workshop experience in the comfort of your own home and according to your own time schedule. The Mosaic Chain Bracelet would be a weekend workshop with Maggie. CraftEdu means you don't have to travel to get to her, perhaps pay for a hotel and take care of those expenses accrued when you're on the road. The added benefit? The cost of the workshop is also a fraction of what that in person workshop would set you back. And, with that click of your mouse, you get Maggie, if you need her!

As everyone becomes more experienced with the technical aspect of the platform, we will offer more and more classes of this intermediate and advanced level to fill the gap and elevate your art which is the ultimate purpose of CraftEdu.com and every artist/instructor teaching here.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bazinga! Friday!

Okay, everyone, it's my fault, I messed up this listing so badly, Margie and I agreed we'd do this again, this time, it'll be correct! This is a fabulous piece of wearable art and even a beginning beader will find it easy to make what looks to be very complicated. Once you understand the structure, you'll be customizing it like crazy. So, catch it at the introductory price beginning on Friday at noon (MT) through noon (MT) on Saturday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bazinga! Wednesday goes funky!

Funky Rings with Eve Ehmeier, that is! I first saw these wonderful rings in Germany and I even own one myself. This polymer clay class is suitable for all levels. So, don't miss the chance to take advantage of the introductory pricing beginning tomorrow at noon (mt) and ending 24 hours later.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Improve Your Craft Skills with Craft Videos Online

It wasn’t long ago that a person interested in learning crafts would need to sign up for a class at the local art supply store, or look for workshops being held at a community college. These classes may have been a fun way to learn a new skill, but without knowing the instructor or what the project entailed it was difficult to determine if the class was the right one for you. Fortunately, with the growth of online videos, today there are more options for crafts enthusiasts than ever. Instead of trekking to the nearest workshop, one can simply watch craft videos online.

What kind of online craft workshops are available?

While there are many “how-to” web sites that will teach you everything from children’s “rainy day crafts” to “how to stencil your kitchen”, most avid crafters want a more artistic approach than this; one where participants can learn to make the type of crafts that sell in craft shows for top dollar.

Some of the most popular craft videos online focus on wearable art and jewelry, whether it is made from polymer clay, beads or textiles. Other popular online craft videos include calligraphy, digital art and paper arts. But as online video becomes more widely used, expect to see even more people sharing their favorite craft techniques with a global audience.

If these are the crafts that you are looking to make, and you are looking for ways to learn them online, then some of the best craft videos online will be found at sites like Craftedu.com. Because the site is aimed at an audience that wants to learn crafts from an artist’s perspective, the videos they offer are aimed at serious crafters. In addition to offering a wide range of online craft demonstrations – in multiple languages – this site allows visitors to preview any course for free before purchasing it.

It is easy to see why so many top crafters have chosen to share their skills with the audience at Craftedu.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bazinga! Friday

Learn the basics of woodworking as you make your own Bluebird house with wood artist, Kent Perdue! Kent has included video clips in his broadcast, as well as, detailed cutting diagrams. It's a wonderful class that will make you comfortable with the tools and the strategies employed when working with wood. Kent has also provided a free tutorial that you'll want to make sure and watch. He's clear, concise and easy going, too. This is a basic class and one that parents could do with their children. Learn a new skill and get the little ones started on their own creative journey.

Margie Deeb's class Sparkling Draped Loop Collar is a luscious concoction of Czech fire polish beads. You'll feel like royalty wearing this - hey, in pearls, you'll feel like Audrey Hepburn. It's gorgeous and easy to do when you've got Margie teaching you step by step.

Miss Ellie Hitchcock's Loomed Beadwork is the first class in our category for Kids and for art teachers. Ellie is so clever and this class features tips for making your own tools and loom from ordinary inexpensive craft materials. This is a must for any art teacher looking for a great project to spur those creative juices in the young ones.

So, tune in between 12 noon MT tomorrow and 12 noon MT Saturday to take advantage of special introductory Bazinga! pricing of these great classes.