Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today and Wednesday

Today, we are posting Natalia Garcia de Leaniz Beads with a Window in German. As you know, we've been busy translating classes - the polymer ladies have been hard at work. This class has been translated by Bettina Welker.

My Manga! Bracelet goes up tomorrow in Spanish at the discount Bazinga! price. Thank you, Natalia, for translating this class for me. Natalia's class was never offered at the discount, so it will be the regular price - we don't want anyone to feel badly about never being offered the discount. This is our policy - we only Bazinga! classes that have been offered that way before.

So, for the Manga in Spanish, will have 24 hours to enroll at a discount, then the price goes back to its original price (25% higher!).

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