Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bazinga! Wednesday

We actually have 5 classes going up on Wednesday! Yesterday, you saw Jana's and Inger's today, here is number 3 - Sherry Serafini! This is Sherry's first class on CraftEdu and these earrings are so representative of her amazing work. So, tomorrow you can sign up for her "funkypharoah earrings" at a special Bazinga! price.

Harlan's adorable squirrel - needle felted, of course, is number 4. Love him! I could see him perched next to Inger's Birdpod. Tomorrow, you can Bazinga! this little guy and make him you own.

Number 5 is Frederick Chipkin's latest class teaching you how to create plaids in Adobe Photoshop. Frederick is an expert on textile design and he'll help you become one, as well. And, tomorrow you can get this class at our Bazinga! rate, too.

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