Friday, August 6, 2010

Bazinga! monday's special introductions

Monday we will be posting 2 very fantastic classes by 2 wonderful and talented artists. They will both be offered for 24 hours at introductory prices!

The first is a class by noted altered art and mixed media artist, Nathalie Kalbach who will teach you about creating Layered Backgrounds on which you can create your art. Spray paint, acrylic paint, creating texture and layering - this comprehensive class comes to you in 3 parts (plus the preview broadcast). Nat will take you through 30 tutorials and includes video and stills.

The second class is by noted watercolorist, U.K. artist, Mark Satchwill. In this class, Introduction to Watercolor, you'll learn the basic tools and materials you'll need and then, in Part 2, you will learn how to stretch paper (who knew?) and continue to paint this still life of 2 lemons. Mark takes the fear out of watercolor painting as he takes the students through processes, step-by-step. His style is simple, sensible and elegant. I'm certainly ready to give this a go!

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