Friday, May 7, 2010

meet cindy chavez

With a background in pattern design, Cindy has always loved and appreciated the simple designs that could later be embellished to enhance their shape and color; giving pieces unique texture and interest.

Cindy has also designed and sculpted dolls over the years, dressing them in textural fabrics and embellishing them with some of her collected adornments.

Embellishing takes the ordinary to the next level. She considers herself an "embellisher" rather than simply a beader because she uses not only beads in her designs, but rich fabrics, natural fibers and anything else that can be applied to create something beautiful.

Cindy loves the never ending profusion of strong color that pops in a contemporary piece, and equally adores the classic soft vintage feel when enhancing a piece of antique kimono silk or when incorporating grandmother's cameo into a special creation.

There are no rules in freeform beadwork, and the possibilities are endless. She loves to inspire students to reach deep into their imaginations, and pull out ideas that make them light up. It's a pleasure to watch their excitement as they design and create something unique and beautiful that they are proud to show off!




Please look at Cindy's silk freeform bracelet class up now on CraftEdu!


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