Monday, April 26, 2010

meet lauren abrams

Lauren has been fascinated with realism and Trompe L’oeil for most of her long career as an artist. Originally a graphic illustrator and designer, she learned to do faux finishes and to paint Trompe L’oeil and used it to design a line of furniture that was wholesaled to galleries and catalogs for over ten years.. She took some time off to go back to art school for a year at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and her focus shifted to still life paintings on canvas, but she continued to teach faux finishes and Trompe L’oeil for several years.

In the last few years she’s developed an interest in working with polymer clay, . She had worked with ceramic clay but polymer is a whole different and exciting medium. Lauren will combine her love of painting with this new medium and see where that takes her.

I've always loved and wished I could paint trompe l'oeil. Lauren's work is stunning - if I could paint like this, no piece of furniture or flat space in my house would be safe! Take a look at Lauren's classes at!


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