Friday, April 30, 2010

happy birthday, beta

Today is Vernon's birthday! Happy Birthday, Big Dog! That makes it a perfect day to launch CraftEdu (how will we forget when we launched?) in Beta. Beta....what happens now?

This is the time to fire up the engine and see if it's running smoothly. This is the time to locate any troubles and fix them. Through the entire process, we've encountered the occasional problem but I'm not worried, faculte has fixed them and fixed them fast.

We've been site building for 90 days and that's as long as the faculty have had access to the platform. It sounds like a long time but it isn't when most of them have been on the road, teaching and attending conferences - our faculty members do travel!

First quarter is always action packed. I, myself, spent a week in Anaheim at the CHA Show, a week in Baltimore at Synergy and 3 weeks in France teaching. Sherry Serafini and Kate McKinnon have had books to do and Jean Campbell was editing Kate's! But, we're heading into a less insanely hectic time of the year and more time to create and to create...classes!

Several have had illness (their own and their love ones) to work through and some still are. We are all crossing our fingers and saying little prayers for you and yours.

And then, as intuitive as the platform is to use, there is a learning curve - how do I copy pages from here to there, anyway?

And then, the technical issues....What kind of mic do I need to get? (Blue Snowball!) How do I set up a studio in my dining room, anyway? (Check out Jean's wonderful making a cheap studio blog!) What size should the images be? (300-400kb - we're not making posters, my friends!) I need a new computer! (I'm sorry, I can't help you out there!)

Some have dived right in and others have been tentative in their approach. We all learn differently, don't we? But, in spite of all the little hurdles to jump over, crawl under or run around, we've got classes up on the site. Congratulations to the faculty, you didn't always know where we were going but you worked with heart, spirit and great humor, as if you did.

And the site was built, from scratch, in 90 days. A CMS (content management system) designed in 90 days. Wow. I cannot imagine how hard that was to do. Thank you, to our site builders - they've worked nights, weekends, they haven't stopped. All of us have had many sleepless nights and working weekends. I suspect there will be many more.

We hope you cruise through the website, take us for a test drive, kick the tires and let us know what you like or dislike. Tell us, it's the only way we can improve. Watch some Free Basic Classes to pick up a tip or two and experience a mini class.

Please join our CraftEdu community - most of us have set up groups to discuss our classes and so you can post pictures of what you make in class. You can create your own page, too.

So, today, the presentation is about how to make the most of your CraftEdu class. I hope you enjoy and I hope you hop over to see CrafEdubeta. And, please tell your friends!

Thank you!


Pictured: CraftEdu sponsored a big hunk of cake made by the Ace of Cakes at Synergy in Baltimore!


  1. That's quite a cake! Happy Birthday Vernon!
    And Happy birth-day CraftEdu.

  2. Yes, I want a piece of that gorgeous cake (is it polymer or sugar?) Happy Birthday Vernon -- and hooray for launch... !

  3. Oh I actually had a piece of this awesome cake - it was delicious:)

    HAppy birthday Vernon and BEta


  4. This is wonderful, the absolutely perfect site! I'm unable to attend any classes "offline" and I've waited for something like this.

    YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am very excited about having 24-7-365 access to the great faculty you have pulled together. I have already watched a few freebies and some previews and look forward to taking a few classes.
    Thanks for doing this!

    I also sponsored a very small piece of that excellent cake. Yummy.

  6. Is there any chance that Kim Cavender will ever do a class on her woven in clay technique? She seems to have moved beyond that and I'd love to learn how to do it. Thanks, Sue Castle