Friday, March 5, 2010

Third colorway Descending Nights!

Man I love this one! That is so often the case that my very latest work is my favorite one.....This is Descending Nights for Beading by the Bay (next week!) and it is a pretty gunmetal metallic fire polish with just a touch of a pale pink bead, accented with purple haze.

It's always interesting to see which will be the most popular choice, the original purple iris with volcano paparadscha,

or the brandied olivine

or the newest gunmetal metallic with purple haze

....What's your guess?

And if you're thinking you'd like to make one of these, there is still time to join us! Next weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Maggie, Me and Jean and many of our longtime students and friends. It can't help but be a great time!


  1. Oh, Marcia, these are beautiful! I wish I could join you three in SF - what a great place to bead and being with you 3 would make it just perfect!

  2. What beautiful pieces. Your students are so fortunate.

  3. Stunning pieces. Will you be publishing or teaching the instructions anywhere after SF? How about kits? The gunmetal/pink version is TDF!

  4. Marcia - I'm with Donna and SO wish I could be with you ladies. And I'd be all over that purple iris/volcano pad. Yummo! Have a fab lucky everyone is to be with you and to be making one of these stunners.

  5. Marcia;

    Brandied Olivine is my choice. I have a dress that it would be stunning with. How lucky the students will be in SF. What a great line up of teachers to learn from. Have a blast, I will be with you in spirit.