Friday, March 12, 2010

meet michele yamaguma

I own a Michele Yamaguma - three lovely fish kites waving in the wind. This was for "Boy's Day" - I have no boy, other than Vernon, but I didn't care, I love those fish and I love the piece.

Michele has the gift of taking bits of paper, bits of bamboo and threads, branches, adding some stamping and making Beautiful Things. I find her work very Zen-like, harmonious, calming - it draws you in and when you're in, you're very happy and content to be there. She creates worlds in which we'd like to live.

Like her wonderful art, Michele is centered, balanced. It took a little work to get Michele to join the team - she's very humble. I think it was sharing what she knows with students that ultimately led her to CraftEdu - that's a motive worth working for. That's very Michele Yamaguma, it's also very Zen.

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