Wednesday, March 10, 2010

meet lilian chen

Lilian Chen is an artist working with wire. Wire and crystals (she's a Swarovski Crystalized Elements Ambassador). Her work is fluid, free, loose and quite unlike any wire work I've ever seen - it has a very high "wow" factor! Combining wire and crystal isn't easy - crystal is brittle and the wrong wire twist sends shards flying. But, Lilian clearly has "the touch". She's a master.

It doesn't end there though, Lilian is also an expert at Chinese knotting. Wire, beading, knotting, she does it all and she does it so well.

She's also a dynamo, another energizer bunny. I can't wait to see her classes - and how she does this incredible work. So, today, here is the Art of Lilian Chen.


  1. Hi Lilian,

    I am amazed to see such beautiful and elegant works of art made by you. I wonder if you are willing to sell some of your works. I am interested in The Wire Leaf and Blooming Pearls.

    Alvina Ban
    my email address:

  2. Lilian is a true artist. Her work is extraordinary and her style is unique and recognizable. Plus she's a genuinely nice lady.


  3. All beautiful but I'm in love with the Snowfall pieces!

  4. so elegant! gorgeous!