Wednesday, March 24, 2010

meet debbie tlach

I’m a muse on a mission .

To keep Debbie Tlach A.K.A. Artistgirl creating.

Most of the time it’s an amazingly easy gig.

Art makes her deliriously happy.

It’s in her blood, most of the time you can’t keep her away from her studio.

Every once in a while she’ll give me a devil of a time.

I’m up to the task of inspiration and I can be as stubborn as she is.

Debbie Tlach

Debbie is one of those artists who seems to do everything really well. I knew she could stamp, do polymer, but I never imagined that she paints, knits and hammers metal, too. All of which she will teach at CraftEdu! Lucky us, Artistgirl just can't help it, it's in her blood.



  1. All of these artist profiles are making me so eager to see what is coming--like a 4 year old watching toy commercials before Christmas!!

  2. It always used to amaze me how much talent there is around, a lovely painting mmm spring is surely on its way!