Thursday, March 4, 2010

meet carol blackburn

What can I say about a woman who dons headgear with upright, blinking, pom poms and a feather boa tied around her neck? It's Carol Blackburn! Carol is a small, warm package filled with tons of fun.

Before she discovered polymer clay, Carol worked in the textile industry, designing knitted fabrics. Once she found polymer, her 5 knitting machines were packed away and we are very glad she found us! What she brings from those years in the textile industry is her wonderful sense of color and pattern, infused in her polymer artwork.

Carol is English, lives in London and is the author of the best selling "Making Polymer Clay Beads". This must have addition to any polymer library has been published in 4 languages - English, German, French and Italian further testament to its great popularity.

Not only will Carol teach polymer clay, I've convinced (begged) her to teach us how to make tassels, too. Pretty exciting, I must say. Now, enjoy the art of Carol Blackburn.

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  1. Oh! Those tassels just look like such fun to make! I can't wait.