Friday, February 26, 2010

synergy2, day 2

Synergy 2 is humming along in Baltimore. Seminars, panel discussions, polymer shopping for supplies and artwork and jewelry. The exhibit is up (could not take pictures but I believe you can see it on the IPGA website).

Tammy's class was very good and very informative - I've not worked with metal clay for a while so, it informed me that I will probably stick with silver, silver clay and not try bronze and copper for a while. Of course, this is if I I ever clean my worktable.

The panel discussion was wonderful - as a community we seem to be ready to discuss art versus craft, craftsmanship, elevating our medium. The Racine Art Museum will be the first to house a permanent collection of polymer art - very exciting. Panelist Bruce Pepich is the curator of R.A.M.

Here are pix from Synergy, Day 2!

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