Thursday, February 18, 2010

meet Heidi Rand

Grace Taormina led us to digital artist, Heidi Rand. She skillfully and, I might add, joyfully joins her love of nature with her knowledge of computer programs and technology!

Her original photos become intricate kaleidoscopes, collages, wall hangings, one of a kind fabric for purses that she sews and jewelry she creates. Shoot, add a some computer magic, twist this, turn that, print this, assemble and you have the art of Heidi.

I can't begin to understand how she does, what she does. It's all very amazing to me. Thankfully, Heidi is ready to let us in on her processes here at CraftEdu!

And now, here's a bit of Ms. Heidi Rand.


  1. Heidi, I LOVE your work!! I'd also like to see a photo of your smiling face to put the face with the personality have come to know and respect.

  2. Heidi is an incredible artist. Her classes will be wonderful!

  3. Thanks Beth and Elizabeth!

    Beth, you know that photographers hate to have their pictures taken... I'm no different. :)

  4. Love Heidi's art. Nice slideshow

  5. I love Heidi's work and how she includes nature photos in her art. I'm really looking forward to her classes!
    Linda B.