Monday, February 22, 2010

meet Grace Taormina

"Gracie" and I met through the craft industry - this was in the "good old days" when artists and crafters jammed booths, sharing what they did and made with show attendees. We were, through organizations like the Society of Craft Designers, a tight knit bunch. Both of us were regulars on The Carol Duvall Show so we would occasionally meet up in Burbank, in studio, too. Times have changed, I'm just glad I was working in the industry then and at the same time as Gracie.
Grace and I both shared the same publisher - Watson-Guptill and the same editor, Joy. Gracie and I were following parallel career tracks in different media. With Watson Guptill, Grace has published two great books on the art of rubber stamping.

Now, Gracie is an artist of great humor, compassion, generosity, maturity and kindness. She's a great talent who gives of herself with no expectation in return. I, and many others, learned a lot from Ms. Grace Taormina - about the industry, about the way we should try to conduct ourselves within it.

She is one of those people who I felt very close to very quickly - I always went looking for Grace at every show. When we could, we would have a drink or snack and catch up with what had happened in the months period between our last drinks and snacks!

I'd have to say that working with Gracie on CraftEdu is the realization of a dream I've had for a long time. And, now, after all these years, we are. I am very happy.


  1. How exciting this group of artists is. I know what you mean about realizing a dream of working with someone you have long liked and admired.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you two do together! I just invited Marcia DeCoster to film a Beading Tips and Tricks video for CraftEdu with me when I am in San Diego next month, won't that be fun?

  2. Grace, I'm lucky to have seen a lot of your work already in the gallery, but to see so much of it at once here is just wonderful. The range and variety of your work. Beautiful!