Friday, February 19, 2010

meet Bettina Welker

I met Bettina at the first Synergy conference in Baltimore. Now, Synergy isn't a hands on conference, the goal of Synergy is intellectual and artistic. Presentations about the process of creating art and the related issues. Bettina came all the way from Germany to attend this conference - making a commitment to her art and the medium she has chosen to express herself through and with - polymer clay.

Bettina is lovely - dark haired with a "husky" voice, quick smile and an even quicker wit. I liked her immediately. Then, I saw her work and that knocked me out, too. Last year, I taught in Germany to the guild. I enjoyed the over the top hospitality of Bettina, husband Christopher, son Noah and three of the most beautiful round headed cats I've ever seen (Maddie, Gizmo and Winnie). It was there that I learned Bettina also cooks. Lord, is there anything she can't do? Impressive, I say.

Bettina brings years of work as a graphic designer - no wonder her work is so perfectly designed! We are so fortunate to have this artist who elevates our medium. She makes us reach farther, try harder and with her expert instruction, students will get better at what they create.

The polymer clay world is growing by leaps and bounds. Ever more innovative artists are coming to the fore and Bettina Welker is one of them. Bettina brings a precision and attention to detail and finish that is as natural to her as breathing. Polymer clay is becoming a great international phenomena and the influence and contributions of artist like Bettina (Germany), Natalia (Spain), Carol (England) make our medium and our community a very robust, rich place to be, indeed.

Oh, I almost forgot...she sings, too. Ms. Bettina Welker is the total package.

Now, for a real treat, enter the world of Bettina Welker!


  1. Wow, she does do everything. And such beautiful art!

  2. wow, I'm totally blushing here, Ms. Donna!!! Thank you:)

    And I told you before: I CAN'T dance...*g*

  3. Well, thank heaven you can't dance! LOL