Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dreaming up Classes

Well! How exciting. Here I am, blogging at CraftEdu!

I was invited to join the faculty earlier this month, and I'm very pleased to be here. I'm busily thinking up a whole series of Free Basics that I plan on posting- how to crimp properly, how to make ring shanks that work and fit properly every time in metal clay, how to edge bind beadwork. It's exciting.

And, of course, I'm dreaming up full classes I can post as well. Lately I've been exploring a simple combination of stitches I'm calling the Corset Stitch, because of the corset-like ribs that are formed from the right angle weave strips. This will be one of my first classes posted to CraftEdu. You can see an interesting variation of the stitch on my blog today. It's a combination of a right angle weave strip from my Groovy Cuff (which Beadwork magazine decorously named the Modern Art Cuff when they published it this past December) and a stepped overlay of Corset Stitch. I named it the Egyptian Mixed Stitch Sampler.

Other classes that I plan on posting for the site opening are a Skyscraper Ring, in pure fine silver, and a great beginner's project- a set of irresistible stacking rings in PMC3. Follow along with us- you can even become a fan of CraftEdu on Facebook!


  1. Oh, Kate, I may have to dig out my beads and take your classes myself! I love that bracelet.

  2. Well, perhaps you can be my Test Driver! Email me your shipping address and I'll send you a kit. You really have to have the right sort of beads or it isn't fun. I've worked out a few combos that make it Happen every time.

  3. I love that "Corset Stitch," Kate! Its so visually solid and textural. My eye prefers more solid rows of lined up beads... that's why I've always preferred loomwork to peyote... I'd rather see them lined up than alternating. This is the best of both.

  4. Kate that is lovely. I have never really had a go at beading (though have a little stash of beads I have bought at different times), so will have to have a go at it now :)