Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Books are a little like Babies

I often compare my experience of writing and editing books to what it must be like to be a midwife…It’s my job to nurture and guide the idea, then help it come to fruition. There are ups and downs just like any pregnancy, and the last few months before a book is born can be quite an emotional ride.

My latest bouncing baby is named Steampunk Style Jewelry (2010). It’s a beautiful book that provides not only the how-to information for 20 unique jewelry-making projects, but also sidebar information on all aspects of Steampunk, a trend that was so nicknamed in science fiction circles in the 1980s that has spread to fashion, art, and theater. Just think “Mad Max meets Jane Austin” and you'll get the picture...

I’ve got another book in the works now, too. I can’t divulge too many secrets, but I can tell you that it’s filled with Crystallized Elements by Swarovski and contains 20 over-the-top, very glamorous, intermediate/advanced beadweaving jewelry designs. Get ready for the red carpet in Fall 2010! Here’s a sneak peak at one of the designs to give you a taste. This one's called Marilyn.

CraftEdu feels like another project I’m standing by to help deliver, too. This is, perhaps, one of the most exciting teaching platforms I’ve ever encountered, and paired with the amazing faculty that Donna Kato has gathered, I expect this delivery will be extraordinary! I feel so honored to be in the birthing room of this baby, and I hope you’re there with us to celebrate!

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