Friday, February 24, 2012

Judy Belcher

One of the most memorable things about Judy Belcher is her sense of humor. I think she must have been a mischief maker of the supreme order. Judy is also a people person and good friend so I suspect she didn't get into that mischief alone. Notable, is her remarkable ability to organize. She's the one to thank for the polymer clay conference known as "Synergy" as, without her, it probably would not exist.

By trade, Judy is an accountant. Numbers make sense to her (wish they made sense to me, but they don't). Polymer clay seems to attract orderly people, there is a link between logical thought and, particularly, millefiori canework. It's applied mathematics. I've pictured her class "Polymer Clay Inverted Lentil Pin" as an example of Judy's work.

Judy's work is a perfect example of what happens when a mind such as hers meets a medium. Precise and perfect. Corners and clean shapes. That's Judy and that's her work.

So, today, here is the Gallery of Judy Belcher. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bazinga! Chinese Brush Painting with Lucy Wang

I've always had an affinity for this subtle artform, a few well placed strokes tell an entire story. In the hands of a master like Lucy, stunning imagery flows. I first met Lucy in her studio in the Spanish Village in San Diego. Her studio was packed with her artwork - flowers of every type, koi, very elegant ladies with fans. And the colors! I was, and am, impressed by the breadth of her work and her seemingly effortless mastery of this medium. And, not only is Lucy a hard working artist, she's also an author, having penned numerous books on her medium.

So, today we are pleased to Bazinga two classes from Lucy Wang. The two classes we are posting are at the beginner level. The first explains the tools and materials required and we highly recommend this class as a pre-requisite. The second beginner class covers mixing the colors and understanding the all important brush strokes. Both are offered at a 25% discount ending Friday at noon, MT.

Introduction of Chinese Brush Painting Materials and Tools (recommended pre requisite class) - 11.00, will be 15.00

Chinese Brush Painting with Lucy Wang (Beginner Level) - 19.00, will be 25.00

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gordon Uyehara

I remember when metal clays were introduced to the art and craft world. The notion that clay could become metal was so foreign, I have to admit it took some time to sink in. It seemed like an impossibility. Clay? Turns into Metal? How strange.

Of course, once the explanation was made, it made sense, but it was and is still magic.

Suspended in a binder material, we have finely ground silver, or copper, brass and even gold. This mixed material is air dry (another reason to give a polymer artist pause - yipe! It dries.) Once it is subjected to high temperature via a kiln, the binder burns away and you're left with only the metal so, it also shrinks.

Metal clay is much more forgiving than I had anticipated. It dries but it can be wet again. Even totally dried bits can be reconstituted and restored.

When it is dry, you can file and sand and refine to your heart's content - no need to just roll a piece out, smash a texture in and call it good. You can be as particular, as specific, as you like. I love the sanding, filing part, I like making corners.

One person who inspired and continues to inspire is Gordon Uyehara. Here is someone who has always shown us the best of this amazing material's possibilities. He makes art, there is no doubt about it.

So, today, here is Gordon's gallery. It's the eye candy for the day.

Monday, February 20, 2012

It's all about hats!

I think this is just the perfect accessory for that special dress up event. Speaking of dress up event, if you're getting hitched and need to outfit those bridesmaids, this may be what you've been waiting for. The Red Feather Clip is a beginner level class, priced at 11.00 but will go back up to 15.00 on Wednesday at noon MT.

One of the things I appreciate most about Ania's work is the simple fact that in every way what she makes is perfectly and meticulously constructed. I sew, I know how to sew but making hats is a subject outside of my experience. Ania explains and makes it possible for her students to learn just how pros do it! Check out Ania's website...'s all about Ania and her hats.

In the picture, you see Ania and her friend who owns a bakery. Yummm, cupcakes! This is a wonderful gift idea for anyone who you know who loves cooking or baking. So, you might want this one for yourself or someone else! Great gift!

This class is specially priced at 15.00 but will go back up to 20.00 on Wednesday at noon MT.

Check out Ania's great classes today!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Double Bazinga!!!

Bet you've wished you could do something with those Kiss wrappers - I sure have!
Recycling master, Brent Pallas will teach you how to turn trash into these great beads in "Making Aluminum Beads from Recycled Materials". This class is priced at 12.00 (will be 15.00) until Wednesday noon (MT) when the Bazinga! ends. Eat more candy, make more beads!

Take flight with Jema Hewitt as she teaches you how to create her romantic and edgy "Winged Heart Steampunk Necklace". Jema's a mixed media expert and in this class, you'll use polymer clay, molding compound, shrink plastic and connect it all up with some wire work. It's as fabulous as she. This class is priced at 12.00 (will be 15.00, discount ends Wednesday noon MT).

Don't miss out on these great new classes!


The CraftArtEdu Team

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th, a very good day!

Today we post the first two classes of 2012! Master metal clay artist and teacher, Gordon Uyehara's "Ever Expanding Heart Pendant" is an intermediate level class. This beautiful piece exhibits the precision and high design we have come to associate with this fine artist. Gordon's work is perfect and by following Gordon in this step by step broadcast, yours can be, too!

Note: this class also features instruction on the use of and fusing of Argentium jumprings.

Class Price: 20.00
Class Link:

Polymer artist, Cathy Harm's work is all about color and pattern (and fun!) applied to the millefiori technique. In this intermediate level class, dedicated to Bees and Ladybugs, you will learn representational complex caning techniques. Let the buzzing begin!

Class Price: 20.00
Class Link: